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Electronic Travel Brochure Content

We have a dedicated team who manage electronic travel brochure content across a wide range of tour operators. As well as loading all of the descriptive data, images and booking codes, the content is tagged so that it can be searched by relevant features, e.g. kids club, water sports, disabled facilities and more.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an excellent way to interact with your customers but when managed incorrectly it can tarnish your reputation. You should only be targeting inboxes where the probability of purchase or response is reasonably high, if you are simply shooting out emails like a loose cannon, you can put off both prospects and customers.

Mobile apps for travel tourism

Mobile Apps for Travel & Tourism

Everyone is talking about Travel Apps for the iPhone right now. Appi Holidays is an affordable solution for those who want to feature their product on the iPhone App store but aren’t ready to invest in mobile app development. With a lifestyle search as well as complete Travel Directory, Appi Holidays is an excellent travel sales platform.


SEO Consultancy

You can have the nicest looking website in the world, but if it isn’t search engine friendly then people are going to struggle to find it. With our SEO consultancy services, benefit from our search engine optimisation expertise and learn how your website can be improved so that it attracts more visitors.


SEO Copywriting

Writing to appeal to a specific audience and writing seo friendly text can sometimes conflict, it can be difficult to get the balance right. You need potential customers to be able to find your website but pages stuffed with keywords are unattractive to readers, and increasingly so to Google.

social media integration

Social Media Integration

With the increasing popularity of Social Media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, it makes good business sense to integrate these marketing channels with your website. People now expect to be able to share information at the click of a button and it makes sense to make this as easy as possible.


Travel Blogs

A Travel Blog offers a cost-effective way to add fresh new content to your site on a regular basis, additional articles “add value” for your customers and it is a new way in which to connect with your target audience. News items, details of events and general destination info can all be included.


Travel CMS

Travel Content Management Solution (Travel CMS) for managing Holiday, Country, Destination and Resort descriptions as well as itinerary based holiday products, e.g. Tours, Cruises, Multi-centre holidays and Excursions. Pictures, Maps, Virtual Tours and other media can be incorporated as well as supporting content.


Travel CRM & Sales Tool

Our Travel CRM and Sales tool is an affordable solution for any size of travel business and has been developed specifically to help companies make the most out of every customer enquiry that they receive. Travel CRM helps sales teams to deal with calls efficiently and capture valuable customer details.


Travel eBrochure Software

Our Travel eBrochure software is an extremely cost-effective way of promoting and distributing travel products to prospective customers, as well as being environmentally-friendly. Online travel brochures and downloadable PDF brochures give customers the added benefit of instant access to travel products.


Travel Technology Connections (TTC)

We offer Travel Technology Consultancy Services and initial advice about which travel technology supplier can provide which solution is totally FREE. The Travel Technology Connections suppliers directory is a free service provided by Travel Affinity. We are official Travel Technology Show Partners.


Travel Website Planning & Design

Whether you are planning a new travel website or redesigning an existing website, we can help. We know how critically important it is to design a website with competitive advantage, e.g. easy navigation, advanced functionality, fast page load speeds AND an SEO friendly build.


Website Usability Testing

Even the nicest looking websites can be difficult for users to navigate. Often the smallest of changes can make a considerable difference to the amount of consumers who are reaching the goals you set, and this is where usability testing feedback can be invaluable.