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Email Marketing

Email marketing is an excellent way to interact with your customers but when managed incorrectly it can tarnish your reputation. You should only be targeting inboxes where the probability of purchase or response is reasonably high, if you are simply shooting out emails like a loose cannon, you can put off both prospects and customers.

We offer a fully managed Email Marketing Campaign service where email subscriber activity is reviewed and analysed.  We can segment your readers based on their past responses and target subscribers with the most relevant products. We tailor each newsletter to fit the reader, sending out a simple and instantly readable message, while you watch your click through rates increase.

Fact Finding

Before we implement email marketing campaigns for clients, we need to do some fact finding as follows: -

  • Who are your newsletter subscribers and have they specified interests on sign-up?
  • A single focus should be defined for each newsletter, what are your goals?

Benefits for you

  • Subject lines designed to incite higher open rates
  • Striking newsletter designs to promote your brand and increase click through rates
  • Landing pages designed to increase conversion rates
  • Clear call to action points on both newsletter and landing page
  • Clear Results Measurement and Reporting
  • A/B Testing to optimise your click through and open rates
  • Integration with Google Analytics
  • Social Media Integration
  • RSS Integration

Email Marketing Campaign Management Prices

  • Template designs from £250
  • Newsletter copywriting from £40
  • Database Cleaning & Import from £250
  • Production & Distribution Costs from £100/mailing
  • Monthly Packages available from £250

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