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Travel CMS

Data management can cause major headaches for travel companies and tour operators, holiday descriptions are constantly being updated and often different versions of content are needed for different sales channels, e.g. web and print.  If travel data is not managed properly then additional costs will be incurred whether it is through unnecessary duplication, errors, or due to other reasons.

Travel Affinity can provide a comprehensive Travel Content Management Solution where you can manage Holiday, Country, Destination and Resort descriptions as well as itinerary based holiday products, e.g. Tours, Cruises, Multi-centre holidays and Excursions.  Pictures, Maps, Virtual Tours and other media can be incorporated as well as supporting content such as Terms & Conditions, Insurance, Intros and Extras.

Travel Content Management System Features

  • Built for all sizes & types of Tour Operator
  • Security features, e.g. set Permission levels for different users
  • Ability to tag Features, e.g. Child-friendly, Wi-Fi, Young & Lively, etc.
  • Create Print/Web/SEO versions of content
  • Metadata control
  • Easy management of Intros & Extras
  • Includes Travel Geography ‘hierarchy’ linked to IATA codes
  • Managed and hosted solution
  • Securely accessible anywhere via Web Open platform for integration via XML and/or Webservices
  • Bespoke options available
  • Affordable pricing plans

Organising your travel content more efficiently can reduce business overheads and therefore increase your profitability.

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