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Travel CRM & Sales Tool

In the increasingly competitive travel industry, marketing spend can quickly run out of control.  Travel products such as package holidays are promoted via a variety of different channels and it is extremely important to monitor the return on investment for each, so that budgets are spent wisely.  Marketing campaigns ideally attract enquiries, but if these leads aren’t managed correctly and customer details aren’t captured in the right way, then sales opportunities can be missed.

Our Travel CRM and Sales tool is an affordable solution for any size of travel business and has been developed specifically to help companies make the most out of every customer enquiry that they receive.  Travel CRM helps sales teams to deal with calls efficiently and capture valuable customer details.  Capturing information about customers enables companies to target future campaigns to the right people, thus better management of sales leads results in higher conversions. The effectiveness of marketing campaigns is monitored and measured to ensure optimal return on investment.

Travel CRM Features

  • User-friendly interface
  • Customer data capture/recall during the call
  • eBrochure/content delivery to customer
  • Unique Product Search technology to assist selling
  • Automated production of eQuotations
  • Retrieval and conversion of Quotes to Bookings
  • Business “Dashboard” for instant performance view
  • Can be customised and integrated with existing software if required

Travel CRM Benefits

  • Improved capture of customer details for targeted future marketing
  • More professional call handling
  • Improved customer service with automated eBrochure and eQuotation delivery
  • Reduced print costs
  • Increased call-to-conversion ratios
  • Ability to monitor the effectiveness of Travel Marketing Campaigns
  • Make better decisions on future Travel Marketing spend

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