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Travel eBrochure Software

The cost of producing and distributing printed holiday brochures takes a large chunk of a Tour Operator’s marketing budget and it makes sense to reduce costs where possible.  Customers are also becoming more discerning when it comes to choosing travel providers with many opting for those who demonstrate that they care about the environment.  Our Travel eBrochure software is an extremely cost-effective way of promoting and distributing travel products to prospective customers, as well as being environmentally-friendly.  Online travel brochures and downloadable PDF brochures give customers the added benefit of instant access to travel products rather than having to wait for details to come through the post.

Travel eBrochure Software Features

  • Turning page eBrochure
  • Hosted on our servers
  • Reader tracking service
  • Embed images, weblinks & video within the pages
  • Integrate with travel websites for viewing online
  • Create a file for offline distribution, i.e. PDF brochure
  • Pages can be searched, zoomed, bookmarked, printed and saved as a PDF file

Online Travel Brochures – the Benefits

  • Reduce print costs
  • Ideal for smaller tour operators in place of print
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reaches customers at the click of a button
  • Affordable
  • Fast return on investment

Travel eBrochure Software Prices

Prices start from £250 depending on brochure size and a £0.50 per download charge applies.

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