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SEO Consultancy

You can have the nicest looking website in the world, but if it isn’t search engine friendly then how are people going to find it?  The ideal scenario is for websites to be designed with SEO in mind from the very beginning, but unfortunately this rarely seems to happen.

With our SEO consultancy services, benefit from our search engine optimisation expertise and learn how your website can be improved.  There are so many factors to take into account when optimising a website and SEO is a long term investment; we employ only white hat techniques ensuring that your presence on Google is not put at risk.

What you need to know

Google are concentrating their efforts on giving preference to better quality websites in their results, they are gradually weeding out sites they consider to be poor quality and that do not offer a good user experience.  This isn’t about fancy designs, it is about having the right website architecture, well written, unique and relevant copy, reasonable page load speeds, good user experience (lower bounce rates) and much more.  Black hat techniques used by some SEO professionals in the past are now being penalised heavily, if your rankings are slipping then you need to investigate why this is happening.

What can we offer you?

  • Website architecture review
  • Content optimisation review
  • Link building review
  • Keyword Research

Website Architecture Review

There are often hidden issues with a website which lead to it being silently penalised by Google and it is more important than ever for website owners to clean up these problems.  Without even realising it you can have duplicate content, duplicate metadata, broken links, and other issues which can be quite difficult to identify.  Our Website Architecture Review Service provides clients with feedback on where these problems are and how to resolve them.  You may also be interested in Usability Testing.

Content Optimisation

There is a very delicate balance between writing content optimised for SEO and writing in a style that will capture the reader’s interest.  There is no point getting a customer to a page only for them to bounce right off again.  Using the right keywords to get the right customer to view the right product will give you the best return on investment.  We can give you feedback on how to optimise your content to get more visitors to your site while keeping in mind the end goal, e.g. to gain a customer.

Link building

Link building should be a long-term strategy, gradually gaining relevant links.  Too many proclaimed “SEO Experts” encourage their clients to engage in the practice of buying hundreds of links.  Quality backlinks should be sought carefully, otherwise you can find your website being linked to bad neighbourhoods and be penalised by Google as a result.  We can advise you on which are the right kind of links to seek for the long-term benefit of your website.

Keyword Research

Keyword research can throw up some very interesting facts about your prospective customers, the way you are marketing your product is not always the way that they are searching for it.  We can provide you with keyword research and analysis which will give you an insight into keywords you should be targeting and how much competition there is for different phrases.

About Travel SEO

Travel SEO is difficult where you are competing with the top name brands in the travel industry but with pay-per-click advertising being so expensive, it is more important than ever to improve organic traffic.  While helping you improve your position for highly competitive keywords, we can also advise on niche terms you should be targeting.

SEO Consultancy Prices

Initial Website Review & Report (includes comprehensive website architecture review, content optimisation review and link building review) – £250

On-page & Off-page SEO Work, Keyword Research, etc. – £50/hour

Monthly Maintenance (monitoring performance, areas for improvement, etc.) – Prices from £250/month

Please note: SEO is not an exact science and the client’s own interpretation or implementation of our advice will have a bearing on results achieved.

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