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Travel Website Planning & Design

Whether you are planning a new travel website or redesigning an existing website, we can help. We know how critically important it is to design a website with competitive advantage, e.g. easy navigation, advanced functionality, fast page load speeds and an SEO friendly build. The Travel Affinity team have been working with travel technology for many years and have a great deal of travel industry specific experience.  We offer innovative new search technology and affordable pricing-plans to suit your budget.

Travel Website Planning

Step 1 – Research

  • We discuss your requirements and aims for the site
  • We discuss your business as a whole
  • We research what your competitors are doing to promote their businesses, both online and offline
  • We discuss how you can add value to your site and enhance consumer experience

Step 2 – Planning

  • We assist you in deciding on Critical Features and additional Functionality
  • We plan your Information Architecture, i.e. how information and data will be structured
  • We plan the file naming structure to boost your SEO potential
  • We plan the technical requirements of your website

Step 3 – Visualise

  • We produce a wireframe and define the scope of your travel website, translating ideas into visual imagery

Travel Website Design & Development

After the wireframe is produced and signed off, we then work on design proposals for your new website.

Design Essentials

  • Attractive designs
  • SEO-friendly
  • Intuitive user interface & easy navigation
  • Strong calls-to-action


  • Your travel website is built as per agreed specification
  • 3rd party systems/products are integrated
  • Your Reservation System is integrated (if applicable) for real-time booking
  • Staff training is undertaken
  • You receive ongoing hosting and technical support of your website on our servers

Whether you have travel website design needs or just want to discuss improvements to your existing technology, contact us to see how we can help.