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Website Usability Testing

Even the nicest looking websites can be difficult for users to navigate.  It is very easy to become so accustomed to the layout and navigation of your own website that you do not see areas for improvement.  Often the smallest of changes can make a considerable difference to the amount of consumers who are reaching the goals you set.

Fact Finding

When planning usability testing we will discuss with you who your target audience is and the specific goals you want users to achieve.  You might want testers to compare your website against a competitor’s website and give feedback on both. You will be able to specify tester criteria such as gender, age, income, country, web expertise and additional demographics as required.

User Experience – discovering the truth about your website

We recommend getting feedback from five different users; this should find 85% of your usability problems.  If you need to test a diverse demographic of users then you should test five users per demographic.

Step 1
Five testers in the specified demographic will test your website according to the goals you set.

Step 2
You then have the option to alter your website design according to the user feedback you have received.

Step 3
Assuming Step 2 is carried out; the same five users retest the redesigned website. This will prove whether the design changes have worked and also highlight whether any new usability problems have been introduced.  With the second round of testing you often gain insight into deeper website issues because the users are now more familiar with the top level of the site.

Step 4
The deeper website issues discovered during the second round of testing are reviewed and you have the option to make changes based on this feedback.

Step 5
Assuming Step 4 is carried out, a third and final round of testing is carried out by the five testers and feedback given which can be acted upon.

I can’t afford a major redesign, why should I bother?

When we talk about making changes to the design of a website, it sounds costly and problematic, but sometimes key usability issues require the smallest of changes.  Perhaps a button is simply in the wrong place, or a page of text is not as readable as it could be, or call to action points are too far down the page? There are often so many “easy-to-fix” issues that could make a significant difference to user experience and help visitors successfully navigate to website goals.

In what format will the user feedback be?

We will supply video of our usability testers who talk through their actions and thoughts as they navigate your website according to your set goals.  In addition to this you will receive a written report of user feedback.

Usability Testing Prices

Usability Testing Prices start from £500 which includes video feedback and a written report from travel technology experts.

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